Vision & Mission


The Institute for Environmental Solutions delivers scientific solutions to improve our health and environment.


IES’s vision is to create efficient ways of dealing with complex environmental problems.  IES strives to prevent waste and unwanted side effects, provides opportunities to optimize environmental improvements and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through a unique technical, multi-disciplinary approach. By engaging a broad spectrum of participants in examining these problems on a project basis, IES will develop sound, cost-effective solutions.

The Need

An urgent need exists to find, test, and implement sound scientific cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems.

By addressing environmental issues with a multi-disciplinary technical approach, we can prevent waste and unwanted side effects, and provide opportunities to optimize environmental improvements, and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Too often, well-intended environmental improvement strategies fail or result in unintended negative consequences because the problem and proposed solutions were not fully and objectively measured and analyzed. Whether due to stove-piped government agencies with compartmentalized technical disciplines or inadequate consultation with key business and community stakeholders, we find that the problem is not effectively solved.

IES has identified critical multi-faceted environmental problems that are not being adequately addressed. We seek to engage a broad spectrum of participants in examining these problems on a project basis and developing sound, cost-effective solutions.

Solving Environmental Problems

IES works with partners and stakeholders to solve multidisciplinary environmental problems.

We work toward positive outcomes by:

a) asking difficult questions;
b) tackling complex, seemingly intractable problems;
c) challenging the status quo to collaborate effectively by involving the full range of community, business, and government participants;
d) testing and demonstrating technically sound potential solutions in the real world;
e) objectively measuring effectiveness; and
f) disseminating results, providing educational outreach and information. Our personnel possess the scientific and technical expertise to identify, demonstrate, and evaluate the merit of potential solutions.

IES’s approach emphasizes an element critical to a successful remedy – communication and integration across technical, organizational, and social barriers.