IES 2021 Annual Report is now available!

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Institute For Environmental Solutions

Partnering with Coloradans in the science of environmental improvement, IES programs provide innovative ways to clean the water you drink and the air you breathe. IES provides accessible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to complex environmental issues such as climate change and community health. We work to reduce air and water pollution, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions through multi-disciplinary approaches grounded in objective, rigorous science and supported by diverse stakeholder groups.

IES On Hold 2022

Since 2004, IES has delivered scientific solutions to improve our health and the environment. In 2020, IES worked diligently to adapt to changing conditions and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. IES team members and volunteers continued to meet the demands of advancing our mission to implement our programs while protecting the health and safety of all our participants.

The continued economic and resource challenges of the pandemic have resulted in obstacles to being able to provide programs and services at this time.

Like many nonprofit organizations, IES has been unable to retain or recruit sufficient qualified personnel since spring 2021.

The IES Board of Directors decided to suspend IES operations, effective September 2021. The IES Board of Directors will work closely with IES Executive Director Emeritus, Carol Lyons.

We will use this hiatus to analyze past work and prepare more effective roles, services, and funding for the future. The Board of Directors will meet at least biannually to ensure that the organization meets any obligations. In January 2022, management of the Wheat Ridge Tree Steward program will transfer to the Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation Department.

We will send newsletters when we have news to report. Updates will be posted on the home page of our website, Inquiries are welcome at

Your donation is welcome to support IES through this challenging transition. Contributions will help IES analyze past work and prepare more effective services in the future. Thank you for your patience and support!

IES Tree Project

The IES Tree Project improves Colorado cities using tree science. Through multi-disciplinary partnerships and urban forestry projects, the IES Tree Project improves the environment and community health, educates children and adults to become environmental stewards, and engages community members to rehabilitate, improve and maintain urban natural resources.

IES Chemical Footprint Project

The IES Chemical Footprint Project prevents water pollution and protects human and environmental health by reducing chemical footprints. Your chemical footprint is your total contribution to chemical pollution in the environment. Many personal care and household products contain harmful contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). To combat this problem, the IES Chemical Footprint Project teaches easy, low-cost ways to prevent contamination, and how to make your own safe products. Using science-based workshops for kids and adults, we provide guidance to communities on how to sustainably reduce chemical footprints and improve human and environmental health.

Reduce Your Chemical Footprint Video

The IES Reduce Your Chemical Footprint video is an introduction to the issue of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in personal care, household products, and food packaging. We explain what CECs are, where they are found, the harmful effects they have, and easy and effective ways to avoid them. By the end of the video the issue of CECs will be an approachable problem and viewers will be more confident in their ability to reduce their chemical footprint.

2021 Wheat Ridge Restoration Project (WRRP)

The 2021 Wheat Ridge Restoration Project (WRRP) took place at both Kullerstrand Elementary School and Creekside Park in spring 2021. This project marked the sixth year of partnering with Kullerstrand Elementary School and the ninth year of partnering with Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation Department (WRPRD) to implement environmental education and improvement projects in the City of Wheat Ridge. IES conducted two educational workshops with Kullerstrand’s Teaching Responsibility And Independence through Learning Supports (TRAILS) program, one planting day at Kullerstrand Elementary School with TRAILS students, and one planting day at Creekside Park with IES volunteers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, IES implemented planting days at two different locations to fulfill funding requirements, optimize the project’s environmental impact, keep TRAILS students involved, and incorporate safety measures for participants.

2020 Sheridan Trail Enhancement and Restoration Project (TERP)

For the first time, the IES Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) team collaborated with the Tree Project to host one of the workshops with the Fort Logan Northgate (FLN) Leadership Class. The 2020 IES Sheridan Trail Enhancement and Restoration Project (TERP) took place along the Sheridan Quincy Trail (SQT) in Sheridan, CO in fall of 2020. This project marked the 7th year of collaboration with the City of Sheridan (COS) and the FLN Leadership Class to implement environmental improvement and education projects at the SQT and adjacent community space. The format of this initiative was altered from previous years due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The FLN Leadership Class attended planting days and weekly site maintenance with smaller in-person groups to maintain compliance with social distancing mandates. IES implemented two planting days with FLN students in addition to two virtual and educational workshops. This project also improved the community space by installing a new shade structure.

The IES 2021 Annual Report is now available:

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IES June 2021 Newsletter now ready!

The June 2021 IES Newsletter is ready! You can read it or any other newsletter here.

IES CFP Handbook now ready!

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