Community Workshops

Help Keep Your Water Clean and Protect Your Health!

IES offers exciting interactive workshops for adults and children.  Please contact IES at to find out about hosting a workshop for your staff, colleagues, school, community organization, business or civic group.  We welcome your inquiries.

Non-toxic Cleaning and Living

The cleaning products aisle at the grocery store is stacked with tubs, bottles, sprays and wipes, a troop of cleaning agents to make you think that without them you will live in filth. Why aren’t the ingredients listed on the label? What makes these products smell like ocean mist or fresh cotton? Are the chemicals inside safe for my home and family?

Learn techniques to clean your home while avoiding chemicals that contaminate the environment and your drinking water. Take away recipes for cleaners and a shopping guide for what ingredients to avoid. Learn how to make your own contaminant-free products and find out which commonly used chemicals in some products could be contaminating the water supply. Participants will make and take home two cleaning products.

Clean Up your Beauty Routine

Learn how to make your own natural beauty products in this hands-on workshop, and find out which commonly used chemicals in some products could be contaminating the water supply.  Many personal care products contain chemicals that aren’t removed in the traditional water treatment process, so they end up back in your drinking water and in the environment.  Learn what to look for and why cleaning up your beauty routine matters for the environment. Participants will make and take home a natural beauty product.

Parents of Preschoolers: Child-safe Green Living and Cleaning

Many chemicals that appear in baby products and in cleaning products can harm you, your child and the environment.  Learn how to make your own personal care and household cleaning products that are free of these chemicals, and find out how to avoid these chemicals in products you buy.  Come to this hands-on workshop and have fun learning about how to keep your child and home free from chemicals of concern. Participants will make and take home a safe and effective household cleaner.

Guide to Chemical Contaminant-Free Grocery Shopping

Come learn which chemical contaminants may be lurking in the food you buy.  Learn smarter ways to shop and easy tips to make the most of your money and time.  Many chemicals added to food during processing and packaging have been detected in the environment and in human tissue.  These chemicals aren’t completely removed in the wastewater treatment process.  Come to this workshop and take steps to protect your health, drinking water and the environment.