About IES

Grounded in science and guided by diverse voices, IES tackles problems such as climate change, community health, ozone air pollution, and contaminants from pharmaceuticals and personal care products in waterways.  IES designs and implements scientifically proven strategies to solve Colorado’s most pressing environmental problems.

Mission Statement

The Institute for Environmental Solutions delivers scientific solutions to improve our health and environment.

Institute Associates

IES Institute Associates are qualified individuals who support the mission of IES with proven expertise and experience who contribute to carrying out the mission of IES. IAs form the core of institutional knowledge, expertise, and capability for IES to implement its programs. IAs have a broad range of technical, economic, social, and legal expertise. 

Board of Directors

The IES Board of Directors consists of up to 15 members who are environmental professionals, business leaders, and community members with a wide range of experience and expertise . Many are owners and managers of corporations which provide technical, economic, and policy services. Others are leaders in government organizations. All Board members share an active commitment to the mission and goals of IES, and are dedicated to improving the environment. 

Staff & Volunteers

As a small and growing non-profit organization, IES relies heavily on hard-working volunteers and a small number of dedicated, mostly part-time, staff members to implement its mission. Volunteers and staff members have experience in environmental engineering, environmental science, business administration, program management, non-profit administration, corporate development, and law. IES enjoys legal support from two generous attorneys and their firms in the Denver / Boulder area.

Partners & Friends of IES

IES Contributors and funders 

Graduate Interns

IES collaborates with undergraduate and graduate university environmental programs and related subjects in offering opportunities to students to gain research and work experience.  

Steering Committees

IES Tree Project Steering Committee & Chemical Footprint Project Steering Committee


Volunteers, Interns, Contributions, Leaving a Legacy.