Tree Project Mission and Goals

Project Mission and Goals

The IES Tree Project’s mission is to improve the environmental quality of Colorado cities using tree science.

The goals of the Tree Project are to:

  • Improve the urban environment through strategic tree planting
  • Facilitate collaboration among many community groups and individuals to find solutions to urban environmental challenges with trees
  • Establish IES as the leading organization for strategic, science-based tree planting in Colorado
  • Advance urban forestry science through increased collaboration with academic researchers.

Tree Project Team

The Tree Project helps communities, businesses, and individuals achieve multiple environmental improvement goals using one tool – city trees. Tree Project graduate interns and Institute Associates work on several initiatives to optimize the environmental, social, and economic benefits of urban trees. These initiatives include developing and implementing community tree-planting programs, climate change mitigation through urban forest carbon credits, presentation of workshops describing benefits of urban forestry, conducting research on tree science, and outreach to achieve greater understanding of urban forestry impacts.

The Tree Project seeks motivated, enthusiastic graduate interns and Institute Associates. Tree Project graduate interns participate in project design, project implementation, stakeholder meetings, community workshops, educational programs, and outreach. Institute Associates have a broad range of technical, social, and economic expertise that aid the Tree Project in carrying out our mission. If you are interested in joining the Tree Project Team as a graduate intern or Institute Associate, contact IES at

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