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June 15, 2006

IES Undertakes Innovative Collaborative Project to Tackle the Challenge of Trace Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Wastewater

(Denver, Colorado) - The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is launching a major new environmental problem solving effort, “Solving the Complex Challenge of Trace Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Wastewater.” IES’ innovative proposal to address this complex environmental challenge will be led by IES Associate, Kara Swanson, an Environmental Planner, and supported by IES Associate, Trisha Culp, Environmental Attorney, and IES Intern, Aaron Gutierrez, of the University of Denver.

The Institute for Environmental Solutions is an independent non-profit organization delivering proactive technically sound solutions to complex environmental and natural resource problems – without unwanted side effects.

IES’ proposed integrated approach to emergent contaminant problems includes involvement of all potential stakeholders and beneficiaries, from drug manufacturers to pharmacies, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, and hospices to recreational interests, in addition to the conventional interests of wastewater treatment, drinking water suppliers, government agencies, and the scientific community in a collaborative project to conduct objective scientific and economic analysis. Prevention of contamination would be a big component of IES’ proposed independent and objective project to determine effective and affordable solutions.

The three new IES volunteer team members are currently working on project organization, determining local and regional stakeholders, and preparing funding applications. IES’ project will build on the extensive research already underway at universities and government agencies in Colorado and nationally.

IES was the only presenter at the CREEC Emerging Contaminants Workshop in October 2005 in Longmont, Colorado, held in conjunction with the South Platte Forum, to propose pollution prevention as a potential strategy to solve this problem. IES looks forward to future collaboration with other interested groups and individuals in tackling this challenge.

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