IES Associates

IES Associates are qualified individuals who support the mission of IES with proven expertise and experience who contribute to carrying out the mission of IES. IAs form the core of institutional knowledge, expertise, and capability for IES to implement its programs. IAs have a broad range of technical, economic, social, and legal expertise.

Professionals in all disciplines interested in environmental solutions may join IES as Institute Associates. Please contact us for more information.

W. Gale Biggs, Ph.D. :

W. Gale Biggs, Ph.D.

Board Member Emeritus
Air Quality Meteorologist
W. Gale Biggs Associates
Boulder, Colorado

Nancy Billica, Ph.D. : CFP Project Associate

Nancy Billica, Ph.D.

CFP Project Associate

Lecturer, University of Colorado
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Denver

Thomas Borch, Ph.D. :

Thomas Borch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Environmental Chemistry
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Kelle Boumansour :

Kelle Boumansour

Local Environmental Action Division
City of Boulder
Boulder, Colorado

Brian Braa :

Brian Braa

Foreign Service Officer
U.S. Agency for International Development
Washington, DC

Claudia Browne :

Claudia Browne

Rocky Mountain Bioregion Leader Biohabitats
Golden, Colorado

Caroline Byus :

Caroline Byus

Utilities Market Manager, Pinyon Environmental, Inc.

Dennis Creamer :

Dennis Creamer

Manager (Retired) Stakeholder and Legislative
Affairs Suncor Energy U.S.A.
Commerce City, Colorado

Desiree Cunningham :

Desiree Cunningham

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Adam DeVoe :

Adam DeVoe

DeVoe Law
Denver, Colorado

Danielle DiMauro :

Danielle DiMauro

Office of the Regional Solicitor
Rocky Mountain Region
U.S. Dept. of the Interior

Ann Frazier :

Ann Frazier

National Research Council (retired)

Ken Fucik :

Ken Fucik

Board Member Emeritus
BP Corporation America, Inc.
Houston, TX

Ruth Gaulke :

Ruth Gaulke

President, Rebel Writer

Al Gerace :

Al Gerace

Hardy Boy Bedding Plants / Welby Gardens Co.
Denver, Colorado

Edward F. Harvey :

Edward F. Harvey

Economist and Principal
Harvey Economics
Denver, Colorado

Shannon Herstein : CFP Project Associate

Shannon Herstein

CFP Project Associate

Water Resources Specialist
Bio-West, Inc.
Douglas Jeavons :

Douglas Jeavons

Managing Partner
BBC Research & Consulting
Denver, Colorado

Brian P. Kelly :

Brian P. Kelly

Landscape Architect / Environmental Scientist
Bios Landscape Design Research
Denver, Colorado

Sabrina Kleinman :

Sabrina Kleinman

Owner | Principal Ecologist
EnviroPlan Partners, LLC

Alan S. Kolok :

Alan S. Kolok

Director of Idaho Water Resources Research Institute, University of Idaho

Anatole (Tony) Konowal :

Anatole (Tony) Konowal

Embryologist/Andrologist, University of Colorado
Advanced Reproductive Medicine
Denver, Colorado

Paul W. Lander, Ph.D. :

Paul W. Lander, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Geography, University of Colorado Boulder

Casey Laycock :

Casey Laycock

Graduate Intern Emeritus
Member Relations Coordinator
Greater Houston Partnership
MA International Development
GSIS, University of Denver

Lloyd Levy :

Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy Consulting LLC, retired

Karen J. Lewis :

Karen J. Lewis

Director of Institutional Greening, Hazon
Chicago, Illinois

Bruce Lundgren :

Bruce Lundgren

Research Associate

Ann J. Lockhart :

Ann J. Lockhart

Technical Writer/Editor
Eagle Eye Editing
Denver, Colorado

Helen McGrath :

Helen McGrath

CFP Project Associate
MSc Marine Ecology
Queen Mary University of London

Milly Nadler :

Milly Nadler

Teacher, retired
Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission

Kelly Erin O’Toole :

Kelly Erin O’Toole

U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Program & Management Analyst (Acting)
Division of Natural Resources and Fire Management

Trisha Oeth :

Trisha Oeth

Colorado Attorney
General’s Office
Denver, Colorado

Yves Parent, Ph.D. :

Yves Parent, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineering Consulting Services
Golden, Colorado

Shannon Phelps :

Shannon Phelps

President, The SeaCrest Group, retired

John S. Sanderson : Board Member Emeritus

John S. Sanderson

Board Member Emeritus

The Nature Conservancy
Fort Collins, Colorado

Susan K. Sherrod, Ph.D. :

Susan K. Sherrod, Ph.D.

Certified Ecologist, Biohabitats
Lecturer, University of Colorado Denver

Jake Smith :

Jake Smith


Hennepin County
Department of Environmental Services, retired
Pine Springs, Minnesota

Jeannette Sutton :

Jeannette Sutton

Social Marketing Program Administrator,
Environmental Health
City and County of Denver, CO

Kara Swanson :

Kara Swanson

Environmental Planner
Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade and Douglas

William M. Vaughan, Ph.D. :

William M. Vaughan, Ph.D.

Air Pollution Physicist
President, Nauset Environmental Services, Inc.
East Orleans, Massachusetts

Andrea Watson :

Andrea Watson

Project Leader
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Golden, Colorado

James M. Williams :

James M. Williams

Western Governors' Association, retired
Socioeconomic & Public Policy Consultant

Keith Wood :

Keith Wood

NASF Urban & Community Forestry Committee